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"Duty Reserve"


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On the original roll of honour for my village, 25 men are noted as being part of the "Duty Reserve".  I have a theory about what that means but I wonder if any other Pals have come across this and can give me chapter and verse?



interestingly of 129 men who SITGW, 18 were killed or died on active service.  129 seems a high number for a village which even today only has a population of 2-2.5k.  In the time of the Great War much of the population would have been in reserved (agricultural) occupations - although I know of four farmer's sons who all served despite being farmers themselves.  Also a few men were in the Army Remount Service, which had a local depot.

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I was going to suggest it was possibly referring to the National Reserve but a quick search of newspapers online threw up the following reference in the Rugby Advertiser of 28th August 1915 which suggests it may be relating to the Volunteer Training Corps.


“Volunteer Training Corps.

On Sunday the Kineton and Ashorne Companies of the General Duty Reserve met at Compton Verney.”





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SteveE - I think you are on the money there!  I was thinking of Reservists who had been recalled to active duty but I had never heard them referred to as anything other than recalled reservists, reservists or mobilised reserves...I will have a look at the VTC and see if I can find other examples!

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