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Possibility of Purchasing a relic condition Enfield SMLE


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Greetings to all,


Do relic condition Lee Enfields (Mk.III SMLE) ever come up for sale, specifically ones with wood still intact?

I used to collect American Civil War relics (for 15 years) but recently shifted interest to British WWI artifacts, due to family history. 


Thank you for any information,





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I have seen one 'legit' relic Lee Enfield for sale..it was at a gun show here in Atlanta, truly in 'relic' condition..supposedly it had been dug up near Dunkirk.

No documentation or pics of the dig, however. I passed on it.

I have seen plenty of relics on sites such as Gunbroker.

Would definitely love to find an actual authenticated Great War LE relic though.

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