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Hopitals Libre - "Free Hospitals" in France

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I'm hoping someone can help me with what appear to have been known as "hopitals libre" ("free hospitals") in France.


I've found references to three so far.


No. 432 was also known as the "Hopital Dumaresq" and was located at the Villa Nahant in Dinard, and was also known as "Miss Du Cane's Hospital."

No. 455 was also known as the "clinique sainte Ann" and was in Rennes as part of HC 5.

No. 426 appears to have been also known as HC 68 and was in Messac.


Can anyone help with two questions?

What defined a "free hospital"" as opposed to the other various classifications?

Has anyone seen what must be a list of the various "free hospitals"?


Thank you,


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