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Pte. Rifle Bde. becomes KRRC Officer.


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Sometimes my interests in old Winchester postcards & WW1 collide. 


Here's a good news card.


Purchased today this card written by Pte. S/27799 William Leonard Ward-Davis to his younger brother, Cecil Dickson Ward-Davis (b.1901).

'Lennie' has just got the opportunity to train as an officer after having spent the latter half of 1916 on the Somme.

He became an officer with the KRRC on 27 June 1917 according to TNA listing.

I assume the period after his leave on 30 Jan 1917 to 27 June 1917 was spent training at a Cadet Corps and the "to commission" date of 27 June shown on his Medal Roll is the date he passed out as an officer.


Mr C.D. Ward-Davis

10 North Terrace

Berwick upon Tweed


30 Jan 1917


Dearest Cecil

I expect you got my telegram: I landed in England on Sunday night & sent off the wire as soon as I could.

I am not yet at a C. Corps [Cadet Corps] but at the Depot and am to get leave before going to one & hope to get home

before the end of this week. You will see I am at Winchester, I came here last night.

Fondest love & hoping to find you all A1 when I arrive.

Your Junior Officer Brother





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wlwd 1.JPG

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