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Richtofen medallion with incorrect date


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Has anyone else come across this interesting German commemorative medallion celebrating Manfred von Richtofen ?


It is obviously a quality made piece with a maker mark for Bayer Hauptmunzamt Feinsilber along the edge. What's wrong with it however is the date of death (12th April) and what I take to be the number of kills (89) which are clearly incorrect.


Any information gratefully accepted.





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Trooper,    Google "manfred richthofen commemorative medallion" and you'll see a number of original/real examples in the images.  Appears this one may be a fake ???

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Hi there, I have an option to buy an identical medallion to the one owned by TROOPER M. I'm a bit worried about its authenticity at this point, bearing in mind the fact that it has TWO incorrect dates. I have googled it at some length but I cannot find any conclusive and convincing evidence either way.  HELP PLEASE!  Windas 1

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My gut reaction would be to tread carefully and do as much research about the item as you can before making your decision. WW1 collectables are as susceptible to fakery as any other sphere.



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