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Gareth Davies

Tank vs Tank

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Keith Woodland

Thanks for the details of the ammunition. It raises more questions, Why did they have solid shot, was it to use on enemy tanks, if not what did they intend to use it for? I would have thought HE would be used for all other likely targets. Presumably the solid shot didn't have a very high muzzle velocity and all armour piercing solid shot depended on a high MV to obtain penetration. Of course the armour protection was not very good at that time. In any case I wouldn't have fancied being in a MK 4 that was hit by any sort of ammunition fired by anything larger than a small arm, and not some of those either.

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Robert Dunlop

Armour piercing and solid shot rounds were primarily for use against hardened targets such as bunkers, when such targets could not be neutralised by running through or over them.



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