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17th Army Corps


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A couple of questions that I would appreciate some help with.


Where were the headquarters of the 17th Corps under Lt. General Sir Charles Ferguson located between May 1916- May 1917 and which Divisions were under the command of the 17th Corps during the Battle of Arras?



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From Becke's Order of Battle of Divisions:


"In March 1916 the Third Army (VI, VII and XVII Corps)  moved northward and took over the Arras Front from the French Tenth Army; and in this rearrangement the XVII Corps (25th, 46th and 51st Divisions), between the 14th-30th March, took over the northern sector of the Army Front, from Roclincourt - Cabaret Rouge (Givenchy-en-Gohelle) from the French XII Corps.  XVII Corps Headquarters now opened at Marieux.


Thence forward and until the Advance to Victory in 1918, XVII Corps served on the Arras Front.


9-14 April 1917     First Battle of the Scarpe - 4th, 9th, 34th and 51st Divs; with 8 Tanks, 7 Coy C Bn Tank Bde, Third Army


23 & 24 April         Second Battle of the Scarpe. - 37th and 51st Divisions , and 103 Bde (34 Div - with 51st Div); together with 2 tanks, 1st Tank Bde - Third Army.


28 & 29 April        Battle of Arleux - 34 and 37 Divs (Third Army)


3 & 4 May             Third Battle of the Scarpe -   4th and 9th Divs; with 17th Div in Reserve - Third Army. 


13 - 16 May         Capture and Defence of Roeux - 17 and 51st Divs - Third Army."






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Marvellous! That is just what I needed.


Many thanks.

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