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Where were Forester and Walker Camps located?


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I'm planning to retrace some or all of my Grandfather's footsteps according to his WW1 diary. I'm hoping to find some of the military locations such as camps and billets he stayed at. At least one of these is a church still in existence but others, mentioned as camps may be harder to locate their exact whereabouts.


My Grandfather, Lance Corporal Oliver Olsen of the 2nd Bn Canterbury Infantry, NZEF recorded in his war diary that he "marched to Wizernes where entrained for Houpoutre. Arrived late afternoon and marched to Reninghelst, 3 miles SE of Poperinge and arrived after dark and accommodated in huts and billets." This was dated 14 November 1917.


His next diary entry is "Forester Camp" on 15 November 1917. 

Does anyone know exactly where Forester Camp was located?


By 1 Dec 1917 he records his position at "Walker Camp". Any ideas on where Walker Camp was located?


Two days later, he briefly mentions the attack at 12 noon on Polderhoek Chateau.


So in summary, I'm picking that the two camps mentioned lie between Reninghelst and Polderhoek. 

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Walker Camp is at 28NW3h27b  aprrox 1000yds north of Dickebusch.

Forrester camp is at 28NW4 I25a 1.1

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Brilliant! Thanks Edward1.


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I wonder if there is a connection with II Corps, whose Chief of Staff was Brig-Gen G T Forestier-Walker? That was when the Corps Commander was Gen Smith-Dorrien.


F-W went on to command 27 Division in Macedonia.



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There's a fair distance between the two camps mentionned and Polderhoek Chateau.


Site of Polderhoek is about 500metres from where I live and has been scene of very fierce fighting in the august-September-November 1917 battle for Gheluvelt


If AOK4's book on Gheluvelt will get translated one day, a wealth of knowledge on these battles is to be revealed...



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