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Arial Bombing Leugenboom Battery?


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I am interested in the above, the site was reconnoitred by 66 Squadron in 1917.


24 September 1917

Special Patrol departed at 05.10., 2/Lt Boysen (B2176).

Boysen was sent out to locate a gun in the vicinity of Leugenboom but the patrol was unsuccessful due to low mist which obscured the ground, Boysen, landed at Dunkerque at 08.00 and returned at 10.20.

25 September 1917

Special Patrol departed at 05.15. 2/Lt Boysen (B2176).

Following the unsuccessful flight the previous day to locate a supposed dummy gun, Boysen set out again to reconnoitre the gun at Leugenboom.   This time flying at times below the level of the trees he found the gun and was able to report that it was not a dummy gun after all. Boysen landed at Droglandt to make his report at 07.00.  He stayed for breakfast and returned to base at 09.35.  Later, Boysen was commended for his flight by the G.O.C.


My question is, was the gun bombed by the RFC  or shelled by the Belgian Military?



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