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16th Battalion Chatsworth Rifles


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Hello everyone, I am new to this site.  After many years of searching, I have now managed to find the battalion my grandfather served in, but I am trying to piece together some of his history.  His service record was one of the burnt documents, but I had a clue when I found an old post card from 1921 from his former CO - R F Truscott, who I researched to get the link to the Chatsworth Rifles.  I also have his medals & medal roll card, which tells me he transferred to the Labour Corps, but I don't know when or why.  However, I now know that as late as January 1918 he was still with the 16th Battalion as I have received the death certificate of one of his children and it stated that was his regiment at the time.  I have read in Truscott's book that the regiment was "reduced to cadre" strength at some point after this (I forget when) and I wonder if you experts on here might advise me whether this could have been when he transferred to the Labour Corps?  He was an older soldier, being born in 1874.  Another query on the death certificate of his son, it says 16th Battalion (Carter) - now he was a carter in his civilian life, so do you think this is referring to that, or that he was a carter with the battalion?  I know these are vague questions, but I just wondered if anyone might have an opinion.  His name was Francis Thomas Hitchcock

Francis Thomas Hitchcock In Sherwood Forresters uniform WW1.jpg

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