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Understanding German Feldpost numbers


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Can you tell me please how to trace a German Fieldpost number, I have the card  May 1915 with Russia as the only location. See attachment

It would be great if someone can tell me where to look and perhaps find out the unit history.



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Does your feldpost have a regiment stamp?

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36 minutes ago, bertie47 said:

Hi Jools,


No, what you see is what you get,  the card starts Russia and as you see the cancel that's it.



From memory Stab means General staff. So Guessing it means the General staff of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 151 


The regiment was under 37 Infanterie-Division 


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Sorry, just fixing a rather large mistake. 

Anyway your man would have been taking place in (or looking at the fights from afar) positional fights between Orzye an Szkwa (16.3-12.7.1915)

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the square stamp is the formation/unit stamp. The round stamp is the actual mark of the fieldpost station. Usually the unit stamp often has the abbreviation SB (Soldatenbrief) as part of the inscription (but not always). I have rarely seen unit-stamps of regiments without an abbreviation like FR, IR, GR or Reg. etc. AND it is NOT 131 but 151. Without knowing if it is indeed the Stab of IR 151 it could be a general staff of other units, though with that high a number nothing comes to mind. The IR 151 was fighting between Orzye and Szkwa during March and June of 1915.


PS You guys beat me to the post ;-)

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