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Harry Tate - comedian

Captain RHW

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Tiredness overcoming me a bit at the moment, so apologies if there's already a good thread on this (my searches keep hitting too many results), but is there any info on the war service of Harry Tate (real name Ronald MacDonald Hutchison,1872–1940). I know he had the RE8 named after him, so clearly was known then. I guess he would have been too old for front line service.  

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RHW can you get on FMPast?

There are lots of items about Harry Tate in "The Era" newspaper.

He seems to have continued as a comic at home during the war years.


This may be relevant:



The Era 28 May 1910 page 21.

I found the correct page from the BNArchive.

FMPast takes you to p 20.

It's a long article, split by an ad. 



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Many thanks both, yes I'll try FMP though I always enjoy the threads here more! 


I imagine he would have kept performing during the war - he didn't look in great physical shape and at 43 in 1914 would not have been considered for front line service anyway. 

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