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Army Service Corps/Royal Engineers = What does a 'Checker' do


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My ggf (John Augustus Hooper) was in the Army Service Corps he joined on 31 December 1914 and arrived in France on 9 January 1915.  His service numbers were SS5615 & WR 201342 & I've attached his Certificate of Employment During the War - please could someone tell me what a 'Clerk' did and what a 'Checker' did.  I've worked out he was part of the 33 & 34 Labour Company which was the Railways part of the ASC.  kenf48 on here has told me a" 'Checker' was also a skilled army trade which required a proficiency test" but i can't find out anything else about it.

Can someone help me?






John Augustus Hooper.JPG

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They were clerks who checked the loading and unloading of goods.


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