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East Lancs. BWM Medal missing VM


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I'm bit of a newbie when it comes to Medal collecting but picked this up today by chance.


Putting this on the forum in case the VM for this man is out there for a possible reunification.


I have the BWM, wonder if the VM still exists. I assume this is more likely to be than the other way round.


49677 Pte. Charles I Davies East Lancs. Regt.






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Sorry, no news about his VM - Except to say that I don't have it!


Have you checked out  the British medals Forum? - lots of useful stuff for collectors new and old.

Have you put his service number and surname on a saved Ebay search?

Did you ask the seller if he/she had seen the missing medal?


Hope the above helps - and good luck with the collecting!




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Thanks for the advice.

The seller knew nothing about it. It was in a box of bits &bobs and needed rescuing. 


Last year I saw a VM in a local Cash Converters. I regret now not asking to see who it was issued to or how much it was. Went back a couple of weeks after and it had gone.




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