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Transfers 2nd South Lancs. to 2/6th Royal Warwickshire R.


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Bit of a long shot this one...


Researching a soldier this morning, came across this anomaly. 


There appears to be a group of Men transferred from 2nd Btn South Lancs. Regt. to 2/6th Royal Warwickshire Regt. (TF).


South Lancs. numbers all begin 47*** and were renumbered in the RWR around the block 36581 to 36638. 


Is anyone with specific knowledge of these battalions able to put a rough date to these transfers or service number allocations in the RWR?


I've looked at CWGC records for RWR casualties in this number block in the hope it would give me some sort of date, but found nothing.


The man I'm looking at is 36628 Pte. Charles I Davies RWR. The puzzle is that out of the 60 or so men transferred to the RWR from the South Lancs., My man is actually from the EAST Lancs. and appears to be the only EAST Lancs. man in this block. Previously 49677 2nd Btn. East Lancs. R.


I can only assume at this stage that he had just recovered from wounds or sickness and upon discharge swept up with other Lancashire men and sent to the RWR. I believe it's unusual for men to move between regiments in ones and twos.


Other than the MIC and Medal Roll I can find nothing else. Such a common name my prove too difficult  to be sure other records are this man.

There appears to be several men named Charles Ivor Davies from Wales and I've no idea if this man was even local to Lancashire.


Any thoughts appreciated.





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Looking at CWGC records today, all East Lancs casualties with 5 figure numbers starting with 4**** do not occur before Aug/Sept 1918.

I am also struggling to find any RWR casualties in the 36*** number range.

I suspect this transfer came very late in the war, possibly even after the Armistice.

Could this possibly be a reorganisation for the Army of Occupation using newer recruits allowing the men who had been overseas for a while to return home?


Just a thought?





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Looking at surviving service records;

#36532 was allocated 28 Aug 1918
#36648 was allocated 29 Oct 1918
#36668 was allocated 29 Oct 1918



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Thanks for that Craig,


I've looked at those records this evening and it gives a pretty good picture of what happened to my man.


It's fairly certain that he arrived Boulogne around 22/23/24 October, posted to RWR 27/28/29 Oct and joined in the field, although he was 2/6 not 2/7.


All the men above joined in the field and interestingly, 36532 is a South Lancs. man.


Thanks again.





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