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Cat Tunnel and Rat Tunnel Redan Ridge 13th November 1916

andrew pugh

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Good Evening All

Could anybody give me information about the 2 following tunnels, Cat Tunnel and Rat Tunnel, they were located on the Redan Ridge and were used by various Battalions who made the attack on the 13th November 1916.British troops used them to make the attack on Munich Trench. Im trying to find the locations of these tunnels and also find out if they were in fact Russian Saps and not tunnels. I also read somewhere that they came to the surface about 20 yards in front of the German wire or trench. Hope someone can advise.

Kind Regards


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Cat Trench & Rat Trench in 34D . Could the Y shape in no mans land be tunnels. There are saps running from Rat & Cap trenches.

Map 57d NE3&4 Oct 16






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5th Infantry Brigade War Diary 13th Nov 16.....

7.40 am CAT TUNNEL now sufficiently cleared by tunnelers for DCLI to commence connecting it to German front line.

2nd Div HQ War Diary 13th Nov 16....

At 7.40 am one platoon of the 10th DCLI were ordered by GOC 5th Inf Bgde to commence opening up CAT TUNNEL and work on NORTH STREET.


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Hi Gents

Thank you for your information.My Gt Uncle was with the 24th Battalion Royal Fusiliers and probably used one of them on the 13th November 1916, and the closely followed the creeping barrage towards the first line of German trenches on the way to Munich Trench. He was wounded on that day during that attack by the 2nd Division. Once again thanks



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