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Details of RAMC sergeant AE Joseph in a "British Heroes" postcard?


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I'm looking for information on Sergeant AE Joseph of the RAMC's 3rd Field Ambulance. He won the DCM for recovering wounded in the woods near Veldhoeck during 1st Ypres. He is featured in a "British Heroes" postcard - and I'd like to learn more about the postcard series - for example, how did they choose the soldiers they featured? Pre. FJ Holroyd, also of the RAMC's 3rd FA also won the DCM  at the same time. Information on him would also be appreciated. My grandfather was an RAMC Major in the 3rd Field Ambulance at the time.

AE Joseph heroes postcard.png

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Can’t help with your search unfortunately though I did read in the soldiers section of GWF this morning a thread which asks about the role of stretcher bearers (both regimental and RAMC).

In my mind, brave individuals.

It must have been horrific to have to face the enemy in most circumstances, let alone when armed only with a first aid kit and a stretcher.



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