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I am currently researching an Officer with the 8th Battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment  2nd Lt. Frederick Walter Moss who was killed in action on 28th May 1918. At the time he was killed he is described as 'Attd. 98th Field Coy Royal Engineers'.


I have searched in the war diaries of both the 8th Leicesters and the 98th Field Coy of the Royal Engineers but there is no mention of when 2nd Lt. Moss might have been sent to the Royal Engineers or why.


Does anyone know how long such a 'secondment' usually lasted or did the time span vary in each case?


Why did secondments like this occur?


And what does 'Attd.' stand for? (The abbreviation is not in the list of abbreviations

on The Long Long Trail.) Does it mean 'Attached' or 'Attending'?


I would be grateful for any help on this.




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Hi Marigold,


I'd go with Attached for the abbreviation.  My suspicion is that the time span for such attachments was highly variable, based on local immediate needs.  I'm sure other more knowledgeable people will be along shortly to help out. :)



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I don't think that it was an official attachment, he seems to have become attached in the confused fighting after 21/03/1918. The WD of 98 FC (21 Div) for 23/03 records that 98, 97 and 126 Fcs were combined under Major Marsden as one Field Company. At 3 pm "Cooks, Headquarters and stragglers totalling 29 under 2/Lt Moss 8 Leicester together with parties from 97 and 126 FCs all under Major Marsden.... ". On 24/03 "Lt Sutton ? and Lt Moss with party remainder of 3 coys known as 21 Div RE Company move up to occupy a line on Hill in I 1 A under Major Havitt 8 Leics". There is a report of the action in the WD of the Commander RE 21 Div but it does not mention Lt Moss, nor does it mention his death or why he was still with the REs in May. Most likely because there was a shortage of Officers. 8 Leics were part of 110 Infantry Brigade of 21 Div.


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