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#18 General Hospital Camiers any info??

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Hi, I am researching a casualty who I now know was wounded on the 1st July 1916 and have discovered that records of his wounding exist. I have attached a screenshot from Forces War Records with the details of the wounding and where they say the Archive Reference is the National Archives MH106/1098 series but I cannot find it at the NA? Not very experiences searching the NA but it appeared that the records may exist but have not been digitised? They obviously DO exist somewhere as I guess that's where FWR got their info from. Could a kind member help me out and either explain where and how I can access the personal record of his wounding or at least confirm that it isn't available for download. I have also been told that he is on the Times Casualty Lists 9/8/1916 but again not sure if I can access these? He went to France with the 1st Bttn Scottish Rifles, must have transferred to the 2nd Bttn (as this is what he was in when he was wounded) but was later killed with the 1st/7th Bttn in Palestine. Could anybody clarify when each of his transfers may have taken place? A lot of questions I know but I am sure there are plenty people on the Forum who like to solve a good mystery ;-)

Thank you


Wound record George Griffin.jpg

George Griffin MIC 1st SR.jpg

George Griffin CWGC.pdf

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Hospital Admissions Register, from which FWR have transcribed their record, is here at NA but not digitised but can be seen at Kew ( if it is not away for transcription still ?)  Remember it is just the Register, a one line entry, not a full medical record.



FindMyPast are also transcribing plus providing a copy of the original Register page. I don't know if they've covered this page yet.


Edit   I see Tew answered this on your previous thread on casualty movement

  Forces War Records used have transcriptions of admission and discharge books for a small number of medical units. The originals are now available on FMP. Post#7 has the information taken from the index book for 18th General Hospital, Camiers, France. I don't think Forces War Records will add anything.




1 hour ago, snailybailey said:

I have also been told that he is on the Times Casualty Lists 9/8/1916

If you go to your local library they should have the access to the Times Archive. Look up the edition of that day and scan through by Mk1 eyeball because the search facility is not very good. I think you will find it is page 11 of the edition 9/8/16.



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