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Captured Germans


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Yesterday I had 35 minutes or so to kill at Foyle's Bookshop in London, and glanced at the Great War titles (Inevitably, perhaps, the word "Somme"  in titles kept catching my eye.)


I looked quickly through Captured Germans, whose 360 pages are mostly devoted to an alphabetical list of camps Quite how comprehensive the list is I can't say; Graham Mark notes some 650 in his


Prisoners of War in British Hands ...


and, as we've found from enquiries here on the GWF, many of these were very small working camps whose exact locations are not always known.


(Norman Nicol acknowledges the help he received from Graham Mark.)


The book does list the major working camps in Wiltshire, gratifyingly in each case acknowledging the information came from my Wiltshire book. Modest fellow that I am, I did wonder if Norman could have instead cited the primary sources, notably those in the National Archives, that I consulted and so must he have done.


He also consulted German archives.


I only had time to glance through the book and I admit that this was not enough to qualify me to write a fuller review.


It's published by Pen & Sword at £30.


Pen & Sword blurb


LLT review




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