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Lt Hughes Evans 6th RWF

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I have recently acquired an album of 50 negatives taken by LT Hughes Evans in Egypt. He was in the 6th Battalion and was from Caernarfon. I found a likely MIC which includes the address of a solicitor in Caernarfon, so it is a possible match. In Dudley Ward's Regimental Records there is mention of a E H Evans being wounded at Gaza in 1917 but apart from that I have drawn a blank. I would be very grateful if anyone could shed any light on him.large.5ab42521157d9_evans1.jpg.30ca0d5ce122b1da8028191b836b47b9.jpglarge.5ab4252ff29ed_hughes2.jpg.cbdb72f0ec6454accae7720c017e67bd.jpglarge.5ab4253ebf419_hughes4.jpg.3916c00444e294d809381d29495fcc30.jpglarge.5ab4254cf1335_hughes3.jpg.c0d845c69a1fe2a3b17488c1c59f16ff.jpg

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There was a Lt J Hughes Evans (Carnarvon) went out with the Welsh Division to Gallipoli where he was wounded and at one time reported missing. ... Currently on leave from Egypt.      Liverpool Daily post 29/11/16  (edit: an article Aug 1915 confirms this is John Hughes Evans)


Forename J H
Surname Evans
Casualty Status Wounded
Rank Second Lieutenant
Regiment 6th Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Territorial Force)
Category Officer
Daily List Date 25th August 1915
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39 minutes ago, Ron da Valli said:

E H Evans

There is a wounding of JHEvans in Cas List November 1917. (don't know what theatre)


You have seen the MIC for John Hughes Evans with the solicitor's address. But it has entry to Egypt 22/12/15 which clashes with the record in my post 2 !



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Official intimation has been received at

Carnarvon that Lt John Hughes Evans, the only son of Councillor R Ellis Evans of that town, is reported as missing on the 10th inst at the Dardanelles. Lt Evans belonged to the 6th Battalion RWF. He was educated at Rossal and was articled to Mr Charles A Jones registrar at the Carnarvon County Court. He is 19 years of age. (Guardian Archives 19/8/1915)


Councillor R Ellis Evans, Broneifion, Carnarvon has received a telegram that his son 2nd Lt John Hughes Evans is missing since 10th August. He was with the 1st 6th RWF. He is an old boy of Carnarvon County School and was also educated at Rossall, Fleetwood where he was a member of the OTC. He is the grandson of the late Rev Dr Hughes, Carnarvon. Mr Evans received the telegram from Mr Bryan in Alexandria. (Genedl Gymraeg 28/8/1915)


Captain T H Armstrong (Bodfair), 5th RWF is at Blue Sisters, Malta, wounded. Lt J Hughes Evans is also there. (C&D H 3/9/1915)


Casualty Roll of the 6th Bn RWF whilst in action in the Dardanelles show Lt J H Evans of C Coy as wounded on the 10th August 1915.



Lt J Hughes Evans, Bryn Eifion is expected home on leave shortly. (C&D Herald 29/9/1916)



Mr Nath Roberts, Carnarvon, has received a Telegram from Mr Robert Bryan, Cairo, Egypt

“Harold Rees, your clerk Tom Jones and John Hughes Evans all right. Jenkins and Armstrong (junior) doing well”

The wire was handed in at Cairo at 10.30 am on Tuesday and received by Mr Roberts the same day. (C&D H 13/4/1917)


Capt Hamlet Roberts (Penygroes) and Lt J Hughes Evans who went through the Gallipoli campaign went through the recent fighting unscathed. (C&D H 13/4/1917)


On Tuesday, Mr R Ellis Evans, Bron Eifion, Carnarvon, received intimation that his son, Lt J Hughes Evans, had been seriously wounded in Palestine. He is in hospital in Alexandria. Lt Hughes Evans was previously wounded in Gallipoli. (N W Chronicle scans 16/11/1917)

Lt J Hughes Evans, Bron Eifion has been severely wounded in Palestine and is in hospital in Alexandra. He was previously wounded in Gallipoli. (C&D Herald 16/11/1917 scans)




Two weeks ago Mr R Ellis Evans JP, Bron Eifion, Carnarvon received notification of the death of his only son Lt J Hughes Evans in France. This caused some consternation, as they knew he was in Cyprus and they had had a recent communication from him in which he said he was in good health. They made all possible enquiries but all the Military Authorities could say was that an Officer named J H Evans had died in Valences, France.

On Friday his family received a letter from him from Cyprus dated 15th December, which was a week after his supposed death (Y Genedl Gymraeg 6/1/1920)

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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr

When did the family receive the letter notifying them of his death? Late December 1919?

I can't see him on the CWGC site .

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Yes, late 1919. I understood it to have been sent in error to his family.



Here's the Lt J H Evans who died 

LieutenantEVANS, J. HAROLD

Died 12/12/1919

Aged 27

7th Bn. 
Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Husband of Nancy E. Evans, of "Alma Place," Buckley, Chester.








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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr
2 hours ago, Hywyn said:

They made all possible enquiries but all the Military Authorities could say was that an Officer named J H Evans had died in Valences, France.


Seems to relate to a different man, a J. Harold Evans, age 27, married, with a wife in Chester.

Buried at Valenciennes though:





Thanks Hywyn.

Crossed in the post!

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I 've looked at the MIC again and see that the solicitors name is Nath Roberts etc. Undoubtedly the Nath Roberts in receipt of the telegram from Robert Bryan in Cairo as per one of the articles above. The Bryans had had a thriving drapery business in Cairo for many years.

see e.g



The entry date is obviously in error. Looks like the medals were issued in 1937?

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Thank you so much Charlie & Hywyn.  I have checked the flyleaf of the album and written in feint pencil is Bron Eifion, so that ties in nicely.  Many thanks for the photo  Hywyn. The negatives look in good order. There are photos of pyramids & a sphinx at Memphis. There are also many slides of groups of officers.

  Many thanks once again I really appreciate your help. 

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Hi - just stumbled upon this topic. John Hughes Evans (after 1926 spelt Hughes-Evans) was my great-grandfather and would later go on to be the coroner for Caernarfon. Nath Roberts was (I believe) a cousin - his grandfather had changed his name from Roberts to Evans in order to inherit the family tannery


Is there any chance I would be able to have a copy of any of the negatives (or developed versions if you've had them developed?)

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