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Wind Turbines at Ginchy?

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Pieter Hartog

these pictures were taken June 21st 2019 - location exactly 500 m due east of the Caribou Monument, seen in direction west to east (towards Le Transloy)



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Posted (edited)

I don't really have anything to add that hasn't already been said by others, but I can add some pictures taken earlier this week. 

FWIW, I am generally in favour of them, and I live in Mid-Wales where we have a lot of them!

As far as the Hogsback turbines are concerned:


They are IMHO elegant structures.

They are a lot more attractive than the ugly HT pylons that disfigure this end of the battlefield. 

They provide a good reference point from other parts of the battlefield, ie you can now identify the ridge from Thiepval and beyond. 

They can easily be removed at some point in the future, if technology renders them surplus to requirement. 

Power has to come from somewhere and they are a damn sight more attractive and less destructive than a gas, coal or nuclear power station!


The turbines at the Guards Monument and at Dickens' Cross are too close to the respective sites. The one opposite the Guards Monument dwarfs the monument itself and the one at Dickens' Cross is too intrusive in a place of quiet commemoration. 

There are, however, two positives to add to the above.

1) The turbine at Dickens' Cross has a good gravelled track which now allows easy access to the cross 365 days a year. That should help more people to visit it?

2) The organisation responsible has "helped" (I don't know whether that was financial or practical help) with the new foundations for the Meakin Memorial, which is finally to be rescued from its perilously position in  the middle of an intensively cultivated field. One of the pics shows the new foundation slab at the side of the road. 

PS. I've just realised that the pic of the turbine opposite the Guards Monument is on my camera, not on the phone, so unable to post until I get home...




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I have just returned from sunny south wales,there are dozens of WT scattered around ,I cannot see a problem at all,while we need energy and  non polluting ,Netherlands sell loads  of their version :whistle: 

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