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Remembered Today:

"There but not there" centenary remembrance.


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5 hours ago, Moonraker said:

And all this in a village that is happy to host an annual ANZAC day service and parade (most burials in the CWGC cemetery extension are Antipodean soldiers who died in the local, substantial WW1 hospital).

Maybe the 'there but not there' silhouettes are less likely to attract visitors/money to the area . . . . 

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Covered extensively on the local BBC TV News. A few of the opponents were interviewed: the usual middle-class liberals with too much time on their hands to feel guilty about everything.

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The capacity of the British (well, some of them) to feel offended on behalf of someone else never fails to amuse amaze me.

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Today I walked through Silchester in Hampshire (best known for very visible remains of a Roman town). A silhouette had been placed close to the roadside and war memorial.


A nice touch was a display stand nearby giving brief biographies and photographs of the six Great War fatalities. I know that many communities have researched their fatalities and produced booklets, but I wonder how many have so publicly displayed the results? (Not so much of a challenge for smaller places, of course.)


Also of interest was that Silchester had the same number of fatalities in both world wars - usually the list is noticeably longer for the Great War.



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On 07/04/2018 at 16:47, Donald D said:

I received mine the other day. It sits over the fireplace, on the mantlepiece, in the living room. When the sun shines through the window it lights up nicely, and as it also casts a shadow it can be seen in shadow on the back wall. So, there but not there.

I put my tower of London poppy in my garden as I wanted it to be seen but whilst out in France battlefield touring we had terrible storms and it broke into about ten pieces. 

I managed recently to glue most of it back together but a couple of pieces are missing. 

Gutted but it speaks of the broken lives of the soldiers who came home..

If its there-use it


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Walking through Mortimer, south of Reading, yesterday, I was pleased to see four permanent "silhouettes" a hundred yards or so west of the war memorial.


I haven't seen the female versions before, and assume that the length of their skirts relates to WWII? IIRC during WWI skirt lengths were shortened for reasons of practicality. but not as much as in the photo?

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