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Local armistice "celebrations" planned for 2018


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I'm just back from the first planning meeting in the village. I'm curious to know what members who are helping to organise this year's Armistice commemorations, etc, are planning.


Our basic theme will be the "men who came back". As such, we hope it will have a celebratory nature, much as it will have been in 1918. However - and it is a big "however" - we are struggling over how to bring together that theme, with the later (and current) solemn remembrance of the dead. Any thoughts?

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My understanding is that morning ceremonies should be essentially as normal, with a more celebratory feel later in the day, see http://www.brunopeek.co.uk/battles-over.php - and there's bits aimed more at councils here https://www.local.gov.uk/battles-over-nations-tribute-11-november-2018

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I'm not, but I was alarmed/depressed/intrigued/appalled to see that someone in Cambridge is arranging a 5-a-side football tournament on Cambridge United's hallowed turf in order to commemorate the end of the Great war and the Xmas Truce. In May, I think.


Sort of covers everything really I suppose.


For myself the words "wild horses", "ten foot bargepole" and "please God, no" cover it.

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We'll do what we've been doing throughout the centenary. We'll supply a list of the Town's Great War dead for 1918, for reading out by local cadets during the wreath laying. There's a rumour of a bit of sculpture being planned for somewhere in the town, but we're not really involved with the discussions. Someone wants to create a big wall in the square containing the named of all the war dead but where they'll get the money for that is a mystery and personally I think it's a non starter as we already have such a beautiful war memorial, I think it needs no further embellishment. Our war dead are listed in a large illuminated roll of honour book and we might look at making a second volume because our research has almost doubled the amounts for each year of the war. Eventually we'll produce a volume of those who served and returned, with everyone listed that we know took part in some way but that's not going to be completed by November of this year. I'll be focussing on Summer 2019 to remember the actual end of the war at the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.


We'll also be doing something for the returning prisoners of war and are currently amassing names for some sort of exhibition to remember them. Again, 2019, perhaps around April or May.


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We are doing an exhibition based on life in the village during and at the end of the Great War. Our organising committee consists mainly of senior parishioners who have lived in the village all their lives and have strong family links to WW1. We have managed to get a £300 grant from the parish council and have applied for a further £300 from a local Trust that supports the parish. We will base the exhibition on:


Men and Women of the village who fought or directly involved

Men who died

People and families

Employment (agriculture, local brick works, railway, shops and businesses)



Local school and Church


Anybody who needs maps of their parish, village, town from that era would do no better than National Library of Scotland. We’ve purchased copies of two maps covering our parish of Brixton Devon, scale 25 inches to 1 mile blown up to A1 (33inches x24inches), for £15 which includes postage and packing. The paper quality is very good and they produce sizes from A4 to A0.


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Nothing planned in my village, that I know of. 


In the church is a memorial to ten men of the parish who died during the Great War.  


20 years I gave the church my research into the names.  No reply was ever received back.  


In July 2014, I sent the details to the secretary of the parish council, again no reply.  

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One of the planed commemorations for Hereford is to erect a bronze statue in the newly developed old market complex in Hereford to honour our only county born winner of the Victoria Cross Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC 6th Northamptonshire Regiment who won his VC 18th September 18 and was KIA 3 days later and has no know grave. We need £60.000 and are trying to raise funds.

People have been very generous and supportive.

if you can help in anyway or want to know more visit on line  the AL Lewis VC Memorial Fund.



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