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Help understanding reburial record


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Hi there,


In researching an ancestor who died in WW1, I stumbled on a record titled 'Concentration of Graves (Exhumation and Reburial), and I'd really appreciate some help in understanding what some of it means.

Firstly, under the 'Regimental Particulars' column, just before his regiment and name, it says 'THOM - - -'. It might not be of any importance, but I've not seen it elsewhere, so I'm curious as to what it may be do with?

And second, under the 'Means of Identification' column, it states 'Disks found (one body)'. From the info I can find, he was buried alongside two others he served with, but their records simply state 'Disk', so I'm not sure why they'd be a distinction in the records, or if it was just a matter of efficiency?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Admin

Hello and welcome. 

Can you please post the name or a link to the document ( presumably CWGC?) if people can see the doc it might help to decipher 


many thanks



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Each soldier had two disks, normally a red and a black ( sometimes green) these were fibre texture. As with ww2 Germans theirs were oval perforated in middle. The idea being when body found one disk or half in the German was sent to records so note could be made of location, the other stayed with body. The unfortunate thing now with ww2 Germans on the Eastern front is new remains being dug up and disk being sold so no one will know name.

with regards to yours, presumably the disk bodies, had had one removed, yours still had both. Presumbably regiment were unaware of his location. Would need to see the record to say for sure.

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as Michelle has said before, if you could post the details I would help in getting an answer for you. 


THOM could be the chaps surname off the disk. 





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Looks like 2 names where are on the cross but only 1 body was found.  When the body was removed for reburial.  


The discs where here those of H Frost 

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Thanks so much for your help. I would never have come to that conclusion, as I was thinking it might be an abbreviation for something. And thank you for finding the map reference also, it's much appreciated.

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