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Help to confirm I've found my MIA Great Uncle's War Grave (S.M.S. Posen & UB75)


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I believe I have found my grandfather's missing brother's war grave... I would like help in confirming some details based on photos. Perhaps someone has some extra light to shed on this. 


Arthur Keller - I do not have a birth date, his brother however was born in 1886, CHEMNITZ, Germany.

The picture shows him serving on the S.M.S. Posen, I believe the badge shows his specialty as Funk (Radioman). He is wearing an Iron Cross. Perhaps from the battle of Jutland?

My grandfather said he went missing on a u-boat in WW1, and believed him to be on the bottom of the ocean as he would never have deserted his post.

I recently found Arthur Keller listed on the Moltenort Memorial, as going down on U Boat 75, Dec 10, 1917. 


I can't make out the rank abbreviations listed before his name on the memorial, seems to say "F.T.MT."copy.jpg.4dd33e2fc394f7e01d101f4b3ac040e5.jpg ... can anyone help? If I can confirm it was the same as the uniform in the picture, I know this to be him!

cherell 027.jpg

cherell 027 - Copy.jpg

cherell 028.jpg


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The U-boat Arthur Keller was lost on was UB 75, not U 75. He was born in Chemnitz -- see: http://denkmalprojekt.org/u-boote/uboote_wk1/wk1_ub75.htm


A FT-Mt = FT Maat. Maat is the German term for a petty officer.


The wreck of UB 75 was found off Scarborough in 2002.


Best wishes,



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A thousand thanks for providing that link! I looked up FT on UBoat.net and it means Funktelegramm (which is the same position he has on the SMS Posen as seen on the specialists badge in the photo.)


His place of birth being Chemnitz assures me this must be him!


I am so thrilled to know this and can’t wait to share with my family. I just watched a dive video showing UB75 where she lays, it is chilling but oddly reassuring to know that Arthur rests inside! 



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