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Lieut James MacLaren MORTON, 31st Bn Canadian Infantry kia 3 May 1917

patrick anderson

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I am interested in CARLUKE   ( in Lanarkshire  ) born LIEUTENANT  JAMES  MACLAREN MORTON, 3rd Bn  Canadian Infantry who worked for the Bank of Scotland prior to emigrating to Canada to work for the  Royal Bank of  Canada in Alberta from 25th November 1911 and he enlisted in the Canadian Infantry from 20th August  1914 and was present at  Vimy Ridge and Fresnoy and killed in action at Fresnoy on 3rd May 1917 .

I've found his Attestation forms (2 pages ) but I cant find any Army Record referring to his Commission from the ranks to Lieutenant or any other info on his medals he would have had awarded to him had he lived .

Does anyone know if he is listed on the BANK OF SCOTLAND  war memorial in Edinburgh  Head office please ?


thank you for your knowledge on Canadian Infantry

 best wishes 


Patrick w Anderson



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  • Admin

Hello Patrick

Until someone who can actually physically visit comes along perhaps this may help as there is a "contact link" on the page

Good luck with your research




A photo of it is contained in here but sadly not good enough quality to be able to read the names on the main plaque http://www.scotlandswar.co.uk/pdf_Lloyds_Bank.pdf

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added pdf
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Hi Pat - his service record is now on-line (all 60 odd pages of it) He was commissioned from SGT 18980 to temp 2nd Lt on 21 August 1916.


LG 22/9/1916 - No. 18980 Serjt. James Maclaren Morton.

He's on the RBC Roll at http://www.rbc.com/history/celebrating-our-history/in-remembrance/wwi-roll-of-honour-list.html#morton


David McNay (SWMP) should be able to tell you if he's on the Bank memorial in Edinburgh.  


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Thank you David Owen,  Graeme  Clarke and Ken Morrison for your great input and help and these are excellent bits to add to my research on Lt  James  McL  Morton who it seems was born just  JAMES  MORTON and in the Canadian infantry attestation papers he's gained his Mother's maiden name but maybe that was added when he was baptised in the st Johns U F kirk in CARLUKE  .

thanks everyone for your input again

Patrick w Anderson


I will email  David McNay and ask him as you say  Ken re  B Of  S war memorial but I think Lt  Morton was  RBS and not B of  S   bank staff member before moving to the  Royal Bank of  Canada in Canada

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  • 1 year later...

Late coming to this topic but I can tell you he is not on the Bank of Scotland memorial in Edinburgh, as he was no longer an employee at the time of his death.

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  • 5 months later...

I should have notified everyone to say that The  Trustees of the  Scottish National  War Memorial the  Castle edinburgh had accepted the  Casualty from  Carluke Lanarkshire as a casualty of the  Great  War  while serving with the  Canadian Infantry in the  Great War


Thank you all for your information and help


patrick w anderson



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