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M.71 Cadet


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Hey everybody. Been collector and study arms, mostly 1870's through Great War. 

Mauser M.71. Rifle/carb/ bayo's ect

are my core collecting.here on GWF

 I keep seeing reference to M.71 Cadet.Outside of Forum, never heard of a cadet?? Can someone please help?! Thank you all 

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A friend just sent me pic's of a bayo that looks just slightly smaller than a standard S.71. Has no date or acceptance marks yet 

crossguard is unit marked?

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Is this cadet reference to a smaller scale M71 RIFLE or just a smaller bayonet?


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A standard M71 rifle, the S.61 bayos also fit the Comm. 88

Sorry, my typing bad. Looking about a "Cadet " bayonet that think

can fit the M.71 mauser and the 


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Do you mean a standard bayonet that has had the blade reduced in size....I only collect British, but have seen Victorian examples shortened for cadet use.



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I have problems typing also and often make mistakes owing to dreaded dyslexia, but a bayo and a bayonet are different things my friened! The first is an 'orrid American expression, the second, well, a sharp pointed thing that belongs on the end of a rifle


Also, the S. in S.71 is for Seitengewehr or sidearm, so S.71 means it is a type 71 bayonet.


Are there cadet versions of the S.71? Yes. See the discussion at: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/160916-german-m1871-bayonet/?page=2 especially the discussion at post 36.

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