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Remembered Today:

Second-Lieutenant C.S. Anthony

stephen p nunn

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Evening all.


Bit of a long shot, but I have been contacted by a local resident about his ancestor.


This is the man (extracted entry from my book 'Maldon, Heybridge and the Great war').



Second-Lieutenant Northamptonshire Regiment (1st/4th Battalion)

Son of Charles and Agnes Anthony of 50 Hall Road, Heybridge. [H] [C] [T14]

Died 19/9/1918 (aged 25)

Ramleh War Cemetery (E.21)


Anyway, to cut a long story short the resident in question has visited the grave in Ramleh. He also has the plaque, but not Charles Anthony's medals as someone in the family sold them. As you can imagine, he is pretty desperate to obtain them. To add to the frustration they apparently appeared up for auction, but the auctioneer won't tell him who bought them, or pass any letter on.


Does anyone out there have any leads on Charles Anthony, or know anything about his medals?


Thank you in advance.


Best wishes.


Stephen (Maldon).



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