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Resources and raw materials during the Great War


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So first of all i want to apologize for any mistake i may have made. This is the first time i ever post something in a forum myself so please don't blame me.


Now on to my question. I am doing a school project about the industrial aspects of the great war and i am currently working on the chapter about resources and raw materials like coal, iron, oil etc.

I did some digging online and in my local library but i can't find any reliable information on the amount of resources produced by all the major powers. I would also like to know where those resources where produced and mined. For example: The locations of Germany's of America's coal fields, iron mines, oil wells etc. I hope you get the picture.


So can anyone recommend or link me some reliable source that can tell me everything about the stuff above?


Excuse me for my bad English.

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There is a series of publications, the following  available online,  called 

Economic And Social History Of The World War publications for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Archive.org. Multiple volumes covering a number of countries. Publications in the series at 1927


If you open the first link and scroll down, there are a number of publications titled Deutsche (German)  Series.  I looked at one of these books. The text was in German. I'm not sure what books in this series have been digitised, but it may be worthwhile having a look to see if there is anything of interest


There are also some online books about America in the series.





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9 hours ago, WarmeWorst said:


Excuse me for my bad English.


There is nothing at all to excuse in my opinion!  Your post is clear and the idiom is impressive!


Welcome to the forum. The link provided by Maureene above is a great resource.  This is a complicated and, in my view, much under-studied aspect of the conflict so congratulations on your choice of topic.


For some data on the US war effort you might have a look at this: CLICK HERE It is focused on the War in general but does touch on raw materials etc. in respect of the American Expeditionary Force. There were also some interesting agreements between the US and other allies (France and Britain in particular) to exchange raw materials (in which the US was rich) for training and expertise.


Welcome to the forum!


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An interesting topic indeed but also keep in mind the an even more basic resource which was in serious demand during most of the conflict. Food for the people.


I was surprised to read how the crops were harvested and taken back to Germany from the occupied lands. 

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