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Laird of Camster

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Have been researching the below soldier. He joined in 1893 aged aged 18 and left in 1905. By 1914 he would have been knocking on towards 40, my question is would he have been to old to have been called up? I suppose he could have reenlisted? His service papers don't mention any WW1 service. Would he have had new papers for WW1 if he'd have rejoined? 

Short service.jpg

Short service 2.jpg

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Laird, I have list of Royal Engineers in a similar situation. The eldest was A WO1 Charles Prendergast an army pensioner, who was 61 years of age  on enlistment on 2 Oct 1914.  He was born born in 1853, served a full term in the army and was discharged to commission  on 22.7.17







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He was clearly of an age to have re enlisted voluntarily in 1914. A new set of papers would’ve been commenced.


Depending on his personal circumstances post MSA 1916 he might’ve been subject to conscription.



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also consider he could have reenlisted and not stated previous service.

I ve seen examples of cold streamers who reenlisted, some having same number, some different, the different one having separate papers.

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As luck would have it I have found virtually all the records for a Seaforth Highlander who enlisted in 1892, served with the colours until 1903 and as an army reservist until 1909. He re-enlisted aged 41+ in August 1914 (Seaforth Highlanders), went to France with the Cyclist Corps, was wounded, served with the Labour Corps and finally the North Staffordshire Regiment.


I think my man at least would have been too old to be conscripted in mid 1916.



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