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"Aspects of the Romanian Front" - a new project on Youtube

Morar Andrei

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This years, Romania celebrates 100 years since the end of the for and the Great Unification from Alba Iulia on December 1st. But I see that many people started to forget both in the country and on outside, or tend to forget the role of our country into the war. There are many battles and aspects forgotten even by the Romanians, which is sad. That's why I started this project, composed at the moment from 2 sections:

- the equipment of the Romanian Army (infantry weapons, artillery pieces, navy and aviation)

- battles (I try to get at the moment battles from the Great War, especially the ones that people forgot about)

Hope I did it right until now. Enjoy!


Note: this is not a self-promotion and I hope you don't think so. I just want to share to you sime information and maybe a subject to talk about.



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