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Trench Mortar Batteries 50th Div 27th May 1918


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Doing some work on the RFA Trench Mortars attached to 50th Div on the Aisne. WD says they were positioned at 'Craonne Plateau' - do you think that could be the feature labelled 'Californie' on the map below as it seems the only plateau in the vicinity?

craonne nls.jpg

Rogerson Ebb map detail.jpg

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Hello Simon


Almost certainly yes. It's a fairly well-known feature of the area - especially in connection with the May 1918 attack.


From the German side, it presented a white cliff face - hence "Winterberg".



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That's great Ron. Thank you. The 50th Trench Mortar Batteries seemed to have been all but wiped out in the 27th May opening barrage:



50th TMB 27 05.jpg

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