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Mystery Sergeant Roach Presentation Vase, Leicester Volunteers


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I was hoping that some of the experts could help me with this mystery piece. Recently purchased this presentation vase presented to  a Sergeant Roach from the Ambulance Section of the 1st Battalion, Leicester Volunteers on March 22nd 1917. Looking to ID Sergeant Roach, who I assume was part of the ambulance section of the regiment, anyone have access to British WW1 records or able to find any info on him? Thanks! Nick 



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You could perhaps have bumped up your original post instead of duplicating it.


  The reason for no responses is probably because there is nothing obvious in the online records.  The Leicester Volunteers were part of the Volunteer Training Corps (VTC) and were a home service unit.  The ‘Dad’s Army’ of WW1 there are few records.  Sgt Roach may have previously served overseas, but there are a number of men of that name in the records, many from Leicester and he may not have held rank when discharged.


 The VTC held competitions in skill at arms often on a regional basis and these were usually reported in the local newspapers, who also printed details of VTC parades on a regular basis.  He would be a local man to the City or County.



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