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Mystery Aviators badge.


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I have come across this badge and it has me stumped. 
It is a pilot's badge (two wings) In a Commonwealth force (the crown) That looks like a stylised Fleur de Lis in the centre. 
The first name is 'Pierre' so I am guessing Canadian Air Force, however the date is problematic. The CAF had no aircraft until 1918.
French forces had no badges with crowns on them and Americans certainly didn't, so it is quite a mystery.
Can you help?

WWI flying badge.jpg

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I'd say perhaps Norwegian - any chance of a close up of the name? that would likely help narrow it down. It is also very Slavic - one of the Austro Hungarian territories like Serbia perhaps?

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Belgian Pilots' Badge pre -1934.

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I agree with Arabis - WW1 Belgian Airforce.

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