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Retirement Age


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I am researching a Lieutenant in the RA and see he reached the "age limit of liability to recall" when on the Reserve of Officers list in 1933.


Does anyone know what the age limits were for officers of different rank please?  And would they be specific to the day so that you can determine their date of birth?







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There may be info in the Long Long Trail at top left here. Under Soldiers Life heading there is a page "British Army reserves and reservists".

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I've seen that a lot in the London Gazette entries but don't know as to what age they had to reach.

There is this

WEBBER, HENRY. Lieutenant. Died 21/07/1916. Aged 67.
7th Bn. South Lancashire Regiment. Mentioned in Despatches
Son of William Webber, M.D., and Eliza Webber (nee Preston); husband of the late Emily Webber (nee Morris). Native of Horley, Surrey. For over 40 years a member of the London Stock Exchange. Henry Webber is the oldest known battle death recorded for the First World War.


No idea on other Officer ranks but feel that the most senior could be carried on the Army List until death - but I'll leave that to experts.

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sotonmate -


thanks for the tip.  Sadly it doesn't have that detail but does contain a lot of information about the different classes of Reserve that I hadn't previously discovered so that was a really nice find.


Since my original posting I have also found the date of birth of the particular officer I was looking into - he was exactly 50 when he became no longer liable for recall.



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23 hours ago, Skipman said:

There are a few old threads that might have useful info? Click



Thanks Mike.


a look through those suggests that 50 was the age for more junior officers (2/Lt - Capt) and I found one Lt Col whose age was 55 when he ceased to be liable for recall (though I also found a Lt Col whose age appeared to be 50).


I'm guessing it must have been set out somewhere in Army regulations.



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