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Prize money and deciphering ships names


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Could I ask if anyone could help decipher the ships names on the service record for a family member serving with the Royal Naval Reserves. There is also a mention of prize money? We are just trying to piece together what we can of his service life as there are now no family members that would know 


many thanks


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I can't magnify it enough to see very clearly, but one of the ships is SABRINA which if I recall correctly was a smallish vessel serving in home waters.

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The Kew RNR records are truly dreadful. With great difficulty can make out the following ships, which were all parent ships/bases for boats (trawlers, etc) of the Auxiliary Patrol (AP)

HMS ACTAEON - Sheerness; HMS ATTENTIVE II - Dover; HMS SABRINA - Milford Haven (until Aug 1916); HMS LONGSET -  Swansea (until Feb 1917); HMS SHIKARI II - Swansea (from Feb 1917); HMS IDAHO - Milford Haven (from Aug 1916). What I cannot discern is the actual AP boat in which he served.

If you want a decent, full-size (A3), colour copy of the record apply to the Fleet Air Arm Museum who hold all the original records

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Thank you, that’s fantastic work. That will give us something to work from now. We will, as you suggest apply to the Museum for a decent copy. There is a family tale that along the way somewhere in his service they came accross a German U boat but we will see what we can find.


Thanks again

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