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Josephine's Restaurant in Amiens 1918


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My g-uncle's diary for 2nd Feb 1918  (Major Alfred Agius MC) tells of lunch at  Josephine's in Amiens with his brother Edgar (both in 3rd Londons).    Google came up with this reference in Lyn Macdonald's 'To the Last Man - Spring 1918' .  


Has anyone got any other references to Josephine and her restaurant and perhaps a photo of her?


(Lyn Macdonald writes  Rue Cornu sans Tete  but it's actually   Rue des Corps Nud Sans Teste   and a street of that name is still there in the centre of Amiens).



To The Last Man.jpg

Josephine 1.jpg

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'Some night, mayhap, we’d chanced to drop
Into the famous oyster-shop,
Kept by that lass, on profits keen,
The dear tempestuous Josephine'

From Rorie, David, A Medico’s Luck in the War, 1929

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'Later she was moved to Amiens, where she had relatives. After about six months she became quite normal again, and does not remember anything about it. The last time I saw her she was cleaning the upstairs rooms at "Josephine's," the little oyster-shop off the Street of the Three Pebbles.'


William Orpen, An onlooker in France, 1917-1919. London: Williams & Norgate, 1921, p.80.

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What a character she must have been.  I would love to have partaken of her wares 💕 

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From an article in the “Courrier Picard”, it seems that it was a very well known restaurant. (The article was not, unfortunately, about the WWI history of the place, but rather tracing the origin of the “ficelle picard” stuffed pancake - which it credited partly to a 1950s chef at Joséphine's.)


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Mmmm looks good, but definitely not in Amiens

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