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Heavy Batteries of the RGA on the Somme


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I am searching for information on the 159th Battery and their role at the battle of the Somme.  I know they took part with the 4th Army in the XIV Corps in September but cannot find any information on their movements from the date they arrived in France (around the 18th June) to September.  Can anyone help me as I have run out of ideas where to search. My grandfather Alfie was a Driver in this battery and always said he was at the Somme.  I would just like to know where he was at the start.

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Welcome Loulou,

For the Battle of the Somme may I suggest you try looking in 41 HAG (Heavy Arty Group) from 23.6.16 until they (159 HB) joined XIV Corps in Sept16. This was the higher formation grouping of batteries under control of a Lt Colonel of which 159 HB was a component battery at the time.

The NA website ref for download is: WO95/472/1 but note some months have not survived.

Rgds Paul

P.S. Do not expect to find names but you should find precise positions.

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