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2nd Lt. A.B.Marshall, Scot.Rifles/Connaught Rangers


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Can anyone help with a date of death for this man please?

CWGC and SDGW have 14 April 1916.

Whereas his Medal Roll entry and Soldiers effects entry have 6/11 December 1915.

However his Medal Card simply has the date 14/4/1916 but no note.

His service record has not been digitised.

According to his Medal Card he entered Salonica on 7/9/1915 and I assume met up with the 5th Connaught Rangers when they arrived later that month.


CWGC - Second Lieutenant


Died 14/04/1916


3rd Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) attd. 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marshall, of 2, Bute Gardens, Glasgow.


Soldiers effects – A B Marshall 2nd Lt. Scottish Rifle 6/11 of 12/1915 Father Thomas.


Medal Roll - A B Marshall 2nd Lieutenant Medal Awarded: British War Medal and Victory Medal Regiment or Corps: Cameronian (Scottish Rifles) Previous Units: attd Conn. Rang.

Note added – "Missing 6/11 of 12/1915"


SDGW – Name: Alexander Balfour Marshall

Death Date: 14 Apr 1916

2 Lieutenant,3rd Battalion Cameronian (Scottish Rifles) Att Conn Ranger.




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I suspect the April 16 date is the date the official acknowledgement of his death was made - where they were missing it was usually months later before the official confirmation was made that he had died. It seems he was missing from Dec so the date in April probably meant that they had been able to check with ICRC and/or they had found some other proof that he was dead.


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Thanks guys, that explains it.

Looks like he was lost during the battle at Kosturino, 7&8 December 1915, in the retreat from Serbia back into Greece and that the confirmation of his death came from the Americans in the following April.



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If he landed in Salonica in 1915 then he should have a 1914-15 Star too. His MIC should list all 3 or e,se there is a single card for the star as is often seen. Separate rolls for the star then the BWM & Victy Medals on same roll.

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