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Forbidden Grounds


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I have just given up trying to watch Netflix's "Forbidden Grounds".  I know it is a film and not a book but I couldn't find the relevant section and I'm incandescent with pique!  From the moment a 1916 battle takes place in a quagmire that makes Third Ypres look like the Sahara to the point I gave up in disgust, it was awaful.  Cliches like an officer-donkey (a lieutenant) sending waves of lion-troops forward,, whilst wearing pip, squeak and Wilfred on his tunic? Upside down and back to front?  


Caps without badges.  Wrong buttons, webbing over epaulettes...a stretcher bearer badge on the arm of a rifleman?  I do not know who the advisor was.  I couldn't bear to continue to the credits.  Poor show.  The production values were quite good in terms of FX and costume, scale and scope.  However the range of cliches regarding the social history were just awful.


im sorry for the rant. I have the flu.  Has anybody else viewed this?  Does it improve or shall just let it go?

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The cultural pages ( underneath books and book reviews ) is the usual place they post film reviews , you may get a better response posting there .

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There is already another thread about this film somewhere on the forum.  I have this turkey on a DVD, which includes a 'Making of' feature that goes some way to explaining its occasional strengths and considerable shortcomings.

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