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Tracing a realtives ASC records.


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My Grandfather Reginald Pocock ( Sgt R W Pocock. ASC S4/070264. France. Joined up 30/05/15) served in the ASC but I cant find any record of him anywhere. I have his medal record but his service number brings up no info.  Can anyone point me in the right direction.



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I see that the 30.05.15 date you refer to is his disembarkation date.

Looking at close numbers in the Silver War Badge records attestment/enlistment looks to be in March:

S4/070270   09.03.15

S4/070282   08.03.15

S4/070284   05.03.15

There's a pension record for S4/070265 Leslie Brinn who attested on 09.03.15, joined the 106th Company of the 9th (Scottish) Divisional Train and landed in France on 10.05.15 - which is earlier than your man. See here the ASC Horse Transport Companies in The Long, Long Trail.



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Grandad was a baker by trade so I presume he was involved in baking or cooking of some sort in a field canteen.

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There's quite a number of ASC pension records on Ancestry with numbers close to your grandad - and these were all bakers:

070244   John Trueman

070259   Charles Mynott

070266   Thomas Ward

070271   Peter Brodie

070282   John Maxon



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