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Remembered Today:

My trip to Wipers - Ypres


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My grandfather Private James Knight served as a messenger during the 1st world war from 1915 till 1918.


He was in the 21st London Regiment, first surrey rifles.


I am visiting Ypres this weekend and i understand that the 21st was sent there for the third battle of ypres in 1917.


I wouldĺ like to have any information you can find.


He survived the war and died peacefully at his home in greenwich aged 83, unlike so many of his friends he signed up with.


Lest we forget.


Thank you very much for your time



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142 Brigade, 47th (London) Division; northern flank of Messines attack 7 June 1917 (in the approximate area of Hill 60/the Caterpillar etc).


Mid August relieved 8th Div Anzac Farm/Iron Cross & Zonnebeke Redoubts (i.e. north of Polygon Wood). Warned for Italy in middish November but did not go in the end.


All this after a quick trawl through the OH 1917 Vol 2 - I am sure someone will be along with more detailed (and likely more accurate?) information.



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