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Hi All,

My cousin is visiting Ypres in the near future to view a great uncles memorial panel. She is also going to visit the Bertincourt area where our Grandfather was killed during the March offensive

He was actually an in from the cold case, so is not commemorated on the Thiepval memorial, (which i believe is where the majority of unknowns from the battle/s in this area are )

However, what she would like to do, is visit the cemetry he would most likely of been buried in if he's body had been recovered.

would anyone have any idea wich cemetry this might be ?

Below is an excerpt from a post from a few years back given the position of his regiment.He was Percy James March R/52185 D company 17th Royal Fusiliers 

The 17th Battalion Royal Fusiliers were to the east of Villers-au-Flos in the RED line on the morning of the 24th and by early afternoon of the same day were near Ligny Thilloy.


Thanks in advance

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not commemorated on Thiepval but is on the Arras Memorial serial no GS/52185



chances are, he was a battlefield casualty and nothing left to bury or had been given a battlefield burial which was lost in the following action.

They have not got his name on the memorial yet, Bertincourt has a local cemetery with a few unknowns in

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Thanks very much for your prompt reply

i hadn't realised he was going to be added to the Arras memorial i assumed he would just be added to the Brookwood memorial

i think i will tell  my cousin to visit the Bertincourt cemetry

personally i cannot see the point 

Thanks again Graham

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there are two unidentified casualties at Bertincourt, otherwise locally there are also Ruyaulcourt Military (10), Lebuckquiere Communal (266) and Beaumetz crossroads (90+), its unfortunate that DNA etc was not available , there are 46 cemeteries or churchyards within a 10 mile radius of Bertincourt so many possibilities.

Arras is probably the closer of Thiepval for adding a name. either the CWGC or http://www.greatwar.co.uk/places/somme-cemeteries.htm and the LLT will give lists of cemeteries, the problem is where would he have been, with no grave report its unlikely you will find out..unless, he is mentioned in the regimental war diaries, but with so many casualties, unless it was a freak one off, its not likely..

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Hi All

According to the Medal Rolls for Private GS/52185 Percy James March. He served with the 9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers from 9/12/1916 until 9/09/1917. He the served with the 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers from 5/02/1918 until 8/02/1918, and then was transferred to the 17th Battalion Royal Fusiliers from the 9/02/1918 until 24/03/1918. added note death presumed 24/03/1918. No mention of the 7th Battalion Royal Fusiliers only on the soldiers effects, where he is listed 7th Battalion leaving is monies to his widow Harriet. Cannot see him listed on the Geoffs Search Engine as a casualty for following dates 22nd/23rd/24th/25th/26th March 1918.


Kind Regards




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Hello again

The C W G C have Percy James March battalion listed as the 7th Battalion, Soldiers Effects have his battalion listed as the 7th Battalion, but there is no mention of the 7th Battalion on his Medal Roll page, only the battalions listed in my previous thread 9th/8th and 17th Battalions. If he was in the 7th battalion then he would have been slightly further to the south of Vllers au Flos Barastre and Haplincourt at that time, the other Royal Fusilier Battalion near them was the 23rd Battalion (1st Sportsmen)., but i cannot remember what Brigade they belonged to.



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Andy & Chaz,


Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and supply information.

I shall pass it on to my cousin, I am sure it will make her trip all the more interesting.


Rgards Graham

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