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Another unit history requested - the German 187th Infantry Divizion

Morar Andrei

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All I know about this unit is that it was part of the Nineth Army sent in Romania in September-October 1916, and was involved in the battles for Fagaras County (their picture marching throu Fagaras is below). But what did this unit before and after October 1916? From what front did they come and how did they perform?


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The 187th Inf.Div. was formed in 1915.

Then they were engaged in Alsace.

1916: Alsace, Transylvania, Roumania

1917: Roumania, Lorraine, Aisne, Champagne, Flanders

1918: Armentiéres, Arras, Armentiéres, Cambrai, Douai, Valenciennes

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I found something strange while reading different sources on the Romanian front: on the book "100 most important battles in the history of Romania, the German 187th Division is also mentioned as fighting on "the Battle of the Mountain Passes", close to Petroșani area, aproximatly 1-2 weeks before the operations on the Fogaras district. In

"Austria-Hungary's last war 1914-1918", the unit is mentioned only just on the attack to Fogaras. Was there something like a time confusion caused by the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars (both dates are mentioned in the first source), becayse I think something doesn't add. Can anyone help me?

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Here is a detailed list of the rumanian battles of the division:

  • 05.09.1916 - 19.09.1916: Deckungskämpfe im Grenzgebiet Siebenbürgens
  • 10.09.1916 - 25.09.1916: Kämpfe am Cibin und Alt-Abschnitt (Teile)
  • 19.09.1916 - 23.09.1916: Kämpfe am Vulkanpaß
  • 24.09.1916 - 10.10.1916: Grenzkämpfe am Vulkangebirge
  • 26.09.1916 - 29.09.1916: Schlacht bei Hermannstadt
  • 29.09.1916 - 04.10.1916: Kämpfe um Fogaras
  • 30.09.1916 - 24.11.1916: Gebirgskämpfe am Rothen-Turm-Paß (Teile)
  • 05.10.1916: Schlacht vor dem Geisterwalde
  • 07.10.1916 - 09.10.1916: Kämpfe bei Kronstadt
  • 10.10.1916 - 26.11.1916: Gebirgskämpfe im Predeal- und Bodza-Gebiet
  • 10.11.1916 - 14.11.1916: Schlacht am Szurduk (Teile)
  • 16.11.1916 - 17.11.1916: Schlacht am Targu-Jiu (Teile)
  • 18.11.1916 - 23.11.1916: Verfolgung durch die Westwalachei (Teile)
  • 24.11.1916 - 27.11.1916: Kämpfe am unteren Alt (Teile)
  • 26.11.1916 - 30.11.1916: Reserve der Heeresfront Erzherzog Joseph
  • 01.12.1916 - 16.12.1916: Verteidigungsschlacht im Gyimes-Uz-Gebiet
  • 17.12.1916 - 22.12.1916: Gebirgskämpfe im Ojtoz-Gebiet
  • 23.12.1916 - 07.01.1917: Offensive im Bereczker-Gebirge und am Ojto zpa


  • 08.01.1917 - 11.02.1917: Stellungskämpfe zwischen Putna- und Slanic-Tal
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Thank you very much! It looks like the unit has seen a lot of action in a very short ammount of time, only just on the Romanian front. Where did you find this source? I'm interested.

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