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Frederick John Nettleton 18th Hussars


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Hello All... I am trying to find out if Frederick  Nettleton served in the first world war.....


At the moment, I know he joined the Army and rose to the rank of Corporal in the 18th Hussars serial number 3869 and served in the 2nd Boer war. He was a shoeing Smith/Farrier. 

While serving in South Africa on the 20 October 1899 he was taken prisoner at Talana during the Second Boar War.


At the time of the 1911 Census, he was living with his wife and son in Aliwal Barracks, South Tidworth, Hampshire.


On 8 May 1913 at the age of 42 he was admitted into the Royal Chelsea Hospital and was discharged 15 May 1913. At this time he was a Sergeant and still serving in the 18th Hussars, Regimental Number 8275.


He died in 1921 in Southwark, Surrey, at the age of 51.


Did he serve in the WW1?

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There is a Fredk J Nettleton mic under labour corps as a sjt  service no  345792 entitled to a pair.

could have gone in and retained rank, fit for work but not for fighting"?? Probably bit of a father figure , but that's a guess.

unfortunately, as most, no service records remain.

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BOER war !

Have you looked in local papers ?

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