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AVC Gerald Hunt


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I'm looking for details of my great-uncle Gerald Crossman Hunt who was a vet born in Hinton Blewitt, Somerset in 1892 & I have an AVC embroidered postcard he sent from France but no date unfortunately. I think his service number was SE/14227 & medal card info is very scarce & unclear writing; it looks like RAVC/101 B20 1069 written next to Victory Medal. I also have a photo of him with other soldiers (centre back with pipe) & those with a cap badge looks like that of Royal Worcestershire Regiment. I'm not 100% sure this medal card is his as it only states Gerald C Hunt. Would love to find out more details if possible!!!

WO 372_10_113487.pdf


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The RAVC reference you quote is the reference to theMedal Roll which doesn’t add any further information. His record does not appear to have survived.


He was a ‘Special Enlistment’ which indicates previous experience with horses.  Based on surviving service records he probably attested December/January and went to France later that month.  A uniform expert, I’m not, could probably date the smashing photo.  

They may have been showing off the new steel helmet, say autumn 1916.



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Gerald Crossman Hunt was my father's (also called  Gerald Crossman)first cousin but also brother-in-law. Do not have much info about WWI, other than the odd photo in uniform when on leave, but maybe know some details of his later life.. He went to live in the States with my father's half-sister, and trained horses/ponies at Long Island.  Always understood that was involved  in some respect with Seabiscuit  (racehorse). Can ask other family member's if know anything about decorations etc. and would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know of any further information that you may have. 

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