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Hi, looking for a map that can be bought in the U.K. for Ypres which shows all the points of interest but has all the roads of today on.

i am doing a tour of the area and wanted to plan my visit prior to going as only there three days. 

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Holt's guide to the Ypres Salient used to come with a nice map with points of interest marked on it. My copy is at least 10 years old, but newer editions might have an updated map.

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I would also holts as well, I’ve used for them for years.  


Local maps are also useful to use

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Acknowledging Holts, which was written in the last century and I have a well thumbed copy, there are now phone apps available specifically covering Ypres but also tours across the Western Front.  I've previously posted the link but can't find it at the moment.


For self guided motor tours the Ypres Tourist Office is a good place to start http://www.toerismeieper.be/en/page/334-540-373/car-routes-14-18.html


Up to a point it depends if you want to go somewhere specific or simply a general tour of the Salient for that as ever there is probably no better place to start planning than the Long Long Trail



I notice Chris highlights the late Rose Coombs'Before Endeavours Fade',  again I have a precious signed copy and she describes many routes across the Western Front.  You used to be able to pick up a free tour guide at the Tourist Office in the Cloth Hall which would take you round the signposted circular route which left Ypres opposite the Hall and returned you to the Menin Gate.   I fear since the Centenerary commercialisation has taken over but on the other hand I guess it's a lot easier now with 'themed routes'.  This route more or less follows the old free route which used to have the old blue enamel signposts from the battlefield pilgrimages http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/battle-tours-flanders/ypres-salient-driving-tour/


If you just want a map then Michelin 533 covers the area



A gentle reminder if you purchase any of these from Amazon please use link at top of page as the forum receives a small payment which helps to keep it going. The CWGC has produced a pocket atlas with Michelin but the link is currently broken.


Good luck  with your trip. 







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