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clearing stations / hospitals in France (Oise)


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hello from the Somme,

in my French forum, someone would like to know if he can have informations about clearing stations/hospitals in France, i.e. in département Oise (North of Paris) esp. in the first half of september 1914. He read in a French regimental history that there was a British hospital near Baron, but he would like to know as much as possible about clearing stations/hospitals in/near the towns I mentionned as tags.

Could someone help him ? Of course, I'll forward & translate the answers to him, as he doesn't speak English.

Thank you ! martine

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I return some information from the Long Long Trail link, here at top left of this page:


I am geographically challenged with regard to detailed France so you can set your student the task of seeing if any of the units were close to BARON !

You can also find a link within this link to British base hospitals in France. In both cases there are not so many in Sept 1914. The dates are shown too.

Good luck with the search.

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