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III Corps Intelligence Reports


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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could access Intelligence reports and prisoner interview summaries for III Corps for August 1916. The 23rd Division was in and around Munster Alley and captured around 30 Germans sometime around 6/7th August 1916 WNW of Pozieres.

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Any idea if this was the total haul for the division or did one or 2 Bns make a raid or raids on this date & took the prisoners? Good luck in the research as this seems a nice number for a single day.

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Can't find the reference again, but it was part of the 1st Anzac Intelligence report. From memory it was part of a larger attempt to capture Munster Alley and further up the Switchline in front of Martinpuich. They don't quote which BEF battalion but over the period 5-15th Aug the 12th Bgd AIF and the 23rd Division appear to cooperate very well and very effectively. The junction between the units being Munster Alley.

The Germans appear to suffer very heavily in this area but there is little in the AIF literature and records about it. Their focus shifts very quickly to Mouquet Farm and this area gets kinda forgotten.

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